Park Avenue - Ferry Road Transmission Main

General Project Overview and Background: (Last updated: March 30, 2023)

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Click here for a map of the current detour for work commencing on Park Avenue.

This project is anticipated to start on April 10, 2023 at the Forest Park Water Treatment Plant and work in the direction of Ferry Road.

OVERVIEW: The Park Avenue–Ferry Road Transmission Main Project is a joint effort between the North Wales Water Authority and North Penn Water Authority. Over five miles of 16-inch water main will be installed to ensure safe and clean water for use in Plumstead Township, as well as to parts of Doylestown and New Britain Townships. The project begins at the Forest Park Water Plant, continues along Park Avenue to Ferry Road, and extends to Route 313 (Swamp Road) in Plumstead Township.  Upon completion of the project, a reliable water supply will be available for firefighting purposes, municipal use, drought, when needed due to failed or contaminated wells, or when any similar situation demands an alternate supply. The notice to proceed is expected to be issued in February 2023, with construction starting in March. The North Wales Water Authority (NWWA) will supervise the construction activities.

DETOURS: As required by law, since all of the impacted roads are PennDOT state roads, the detour plans must direct all through traffic only to alternate PennDOT roads. The contractor will be posting the official detour route signage as part of the project start-up. Any decisions regarding local detours are under the sole authority of the local municipality. The contractor is required to permit emergency vehicles, school buses, local residents and all local traffic access at all times during construction.

UPDATES: To keep all interested parties appraised of construction progress and changes in circumstances, we will provide regularly updated information on this page. Bookmark this page for your convenience. This will be your best and most reliable source of information. Information such as emergency call numbers, a progress schedule, a map for the upcoming week, and other important information will be available. The estimated completion date for this project is 200 construction days, ending in early December 2023.

SAFETY: For your personal safety and that of the construction workers and inspectors, we respectfully ask that you avoid traveling along the route during active construction periods. If travel during this period is unavoidable, PLEASE be especially careful.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH: For your anticipated patience, understanding, care, and cooperation during this much-needed public improvement.